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Your Products for your Bussiness

  • Choose how many items you want to be developed.
  • Use the content developed by us to create your own project.

Your Products for our Club

  • We will develop your products in Revit and release the content as a collection for all members of the club.
  • This collection will be part of the Blocks Revit Club.

Exclusive Service

Architecture and decoration companies have an exclusive service for the development of RFA items for their products.

High Quality 3D Models

Products developed exactly as specified by the manufacturer. The time has come to have your products in Revit with a level of detail like you’ve never seen.

Blocks Revit Club

Sponsor a collection of 25 items, which will be sent to members of the Subscription Club, present in more than 65 countries.

Why Blocks Revit

Files modeled 100% in Revit without importing other software besides planning to avoid overmodeling and not lose quality.

Standard thumbnail in Windows on all files and planned nomenclature for optimal use in design and searching the file folder.

High quality textures designed to optimize the weight of the project and facilitate the use by professionals, in addition to guaranteeing an excellent rendering result.

Products verified by Autodesk Certified Professionals.