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Modern Lighting
• Week 01: Floor lamps, pendants and more! All RFA families are ready to render.
25 modern items to decorate the living room bookcase.

Living Room Decor
Week 02

25 families to decorate the wardrobe.

Wardrobe Items
Week 03

25 furniture for your project in the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian Furniture
Week 04

25 wonderful headboards for the bedroom.

Parametric Headboards
Week 05

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Baby Bedroom
• Week 06: Parametric beds, shelves, modern cribs and several families to design the children's rooms.
Families for the Dining Table
• Week 07: Wonderful collection to decorate the dining table.
Pet Collection
• Week 08: 25 families to set up the project if your client has pets.
Design Furniture
• Week 09: Families from national and international designers to help you give that special upgrade to your project!
Bathroom Decor
• Week 10: Makeup mirror, towels, shampoo set, and much more.

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Content to decorate the kitchen countertop.
• Week 11: Le Crouset cookware, built-in dish rack, set of utensils, ceramic set, condiment pots and much more!
25 objects to design and decorate the home office.

Home Office
Week 12

25 families of industrial style furniture and decor.

Industrial Style
Week 13

25 modern handles for cabinets.

Modern Handles
Week 14

25 parametric panels ready to adapt to your project.

 3D Panels
Week 15

3D models for the barbecue areas.

Special Barbecue
Week 16

25 parametric and modern sideboards for Revit.

Week 17

25 parametric cabinets with mirrors and coatings already applied to the wall.

Lavatory Cabinets
Week 18

25 parametric wardrobes and closets for Revit.

Closets and Wardrobes
Week 19

Vegetation for Revit
Week 20

25 items to decorate the laundry room.

Laundry Collection
Week 21

25 sofas of different styles ready to rendering.

Week 22

25 parametric floor and wall mirrors for your project.

Week 23

25 Revit families to furnish the outdoor area.

Summer time, here we go!
Week 24

Modern Dining Tables
• Week 25: Download parametric tables with amazing designs to make the dining room incredible!
Author: Jennifer Cristell

Beauty Salon & Barbershop 
Week 26

Week 27

Furniture Collection
Week 28

Week 29

25 parametric bedside tables of sereval styles to personalize the bedroom design.

Bedsides Tables
Week 30

25 parametric reception desks.

Reception Desks
Week 31

25 wonderful families to decorate and furnish the balcony.

Cozy Balcony
Week 32

Selection of our 25 loved ottomans to decorate your project

Modern Ottomans
Week 33

Bathroom Doors
Week 34
Modern Lighting II
Week 35
Rustic Furniture
Week 36
Chair Collection
Week 37
Wardrobe Items II
Week 38
Bar Cabinet
Week 39
TV Stands
Week 40
Kitchen Cabinets
Week 41
Coffee and Side Tables
Week 42: Selection of 25 side and coffee tables. Immerse yourself in a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials and make your project unique!
Living Room Decor
• Week 43: Download 25 families with high design to decor bookcases, sideboards and more.

Play Room
Week 44

Door Collection
Week 45

Home Appliances
Week 46

Beds and Essential Layers
Week 47

Coming Soon
Week 48

Coming Soon
Week 49

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